Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Content and FC Review 2009-11-10

New content has arrived and we face a couple more FCs, three in total. First off a little comment on the new bikes of our content update. Cute, I really think they are cute. Not necessarily the look of them is awesome, but the whole idea is fun to enjoy and mess around with.

To be able to toy with one, you need to get a 30 day pass, for 500AP each. Kind of a bummer, but consider mount rings cost a simular amount of AP as well (last longer though...). A small fee is then used to rent a bike from any terminal and you can cruise around like a pro. A first person view is accessable in field maps, adding a little spunk to the whole thing.

Riding the bike is what cracks me up the most. Instant and constant wheelie popping makes me laugh. After a while it gets boring, as you get used to it and the whole wheelie thing gets old. I must say though, it offers plenty of panty shot material as seen in the picture at the bottom. ;D

Enough about the bikes, time to get to the FCs of this week!

Heart's Delight - 600AP/300AP

This FC is sort of confusing actually. It says 600AP, but only charges you 300AP. @.@

Anywho, this is a melee weapon based FC, which actually is the only FC this week to introduce new weapons/items to our server. These two are:

Burning Stag and Combat Dancing Fan (left picture)

Quite frankly, the only fashionable and noticable item in this FC set is obviously the new fan. With a mountain and a sky displayed it offers quite an alternative to our other fans we have available in our server.

Burning Stag is kind of nifty, but not too good looking. I guess its just a personal preference thing. Either you love it or you hate it. Personally I do not really care for it.

The rest of this FC just offers some previously released accessories, nothing noteworthy.

This FCs fashion rating is 5/10. Only good looking weapons are rare and hard to get. You cannot really do anything else for your toon with the rest of this FC's content.

Pandora's Treasures - 300AP

This is actually a pretty fun FC. It rereleases some of our already released sets as well as revives some of the older accessories we have not been seeing for quite some time.

General sets (right picture), High School outfits and some other loved sets make this a tastey fashion FC.

The cute little doctor set gets revived for girls and the boys can go Agent X with the dark and handsome agent set.

The General sets are nice and complimented by another asian culture based set, Red Phoenix. These are both really nice looking sets and work well around some of the themes presented in this game.

An old favorite is rereleased as well, players can cosplay as the sexy Nekomata demon or the dashing Setanta. Each of these sets offering a unique accessory a lot of people love, e.g. Setanta Scarf, Nekomata Mask.

With some comical super huge weapons and a nice set of small accessories, this FC has a down right fashionable set of extras. If you are into fashion and are wanting to cash in on some treats, this FC is mae for you. 9/10

Sugar 'N' Spice - 600AP

This is yet another nummy FC full of fashion goodies for collectors and fashion newbies alike. It rereleases some of the coolest old school sets and has a ton of cute accessories and items to comliment your fashion ideas.

With the single female sets like Maid and the St Hermelin II, this FC tends to lean and support female fashion more than it does male. Cute stuff is still cute stuff.

Old School Chaos set is rereleased here as well, just like the loved Demon Summoner sets and of course the all beloved Seven Sister sets. All of these were amongst the first sets to be released in our version and hold a lot of fond memories for quite a lot of us. It is a nice thing to see they are coming back!

The extras in this FC are cute and furry? With hairy hair-dos and cute garm ears, it offers a little cute touch to your apparel. The Scarves and the handbag are nifty extras you can that pass on a special vibe.

This FC is really nice, however I still have to give it a lower score than the other good fashion FC of this week. Reason to this is that it costs 600AP and offers (in game) cheap sets at rare rates. Its loaded with extra goodies, which is the only reason why this FC still gets a 7/10.

Well that pretty much sums up this week's review. Quite a lot to be seen this week. Awesome FCs and cute bikes can spice up your tastes this week.



Monday, November 9, 2009

11/5/09 Webmall Reviews

Well Listed here is the latest items that entered our webmail as of 11/5/09. What I love about the earrings is that they give a glow that is respective to their color! My personal favorite is the Lady Earings of Kali. It gives off a red glow, showing that your feisty and to not mess with you. What's nice about the color variety is that you can pick which one to match your outfit! These epically sexy and unique rings totally steal the spotlight from the Brave Heart Earrings. So all you people who want your earings to match your outfit color and have everyones eyes envy your color matching (or just downright hot) set as you walk past them like own it, just get one of these earings here and pick the color you want!

As for the Promo with the Abyss Cloak, this cloak if you haven't herd, let's you FLOAT!! It works well with ANY clothing set almost. The Abyss Cloak sends a message ; I'm L-O-A-D-E-D. O yea, if your caught wearing this, people know you have a mule with a full inventory of bank notes (even though you could be broke and only holding 2 macca !!!). The fact that it lets you float, above everyone else, you're so just epic, you don't even need to walk down the walkway to show how beastly you are, you too good for that now so you float! Because of that, and the message it sends, this cloack would go great with almost any outfit you want to try on.

Well, this concludes my first review eva, don't worry I'll get better-er as I move along.

Go get those sexy earrings!


Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello there. I am Bleach. One of the founders of this blog and a true to the heart fashionista. <3

I have been playing megaten since January 2009 and am now also a community supporter.

At first I didn't get into this game's fashion, but over time I gradually felt drawn to it and started out in my early days as a small gunner/enhancer. Back then I tried to use sets that make my character look nifty (we didn't have many sets with actual stats back then, so in the end it did not matter what you wore).
Now the game is evolving, we are getting better stats and also loooooads more fashion. I have dedicated a lot of my time to gathering some of the sets out there and ruely enjoy mixing and matching them to my own desire (e.g. picture above).
For future plans, I intend to stock up on some of the in game obtainable items, such as craftable weapons and care set items, to widen my variety and flexibility when fashioning around. <3

Anywho that is enough to my person. I need to inform you that Theena has unfortunately not been able to post her introductory and is held up with other things at the moment. She will introduce herself at a later time and we will officially start with our fashion articles. Please feel free to stop by and discuss the fashions with us and have fun messing around with Mega-FC. <3



Thursday, November 5, 2009

LoveGuardian is in the house.

So, as obviously stated above, I play Megaten and my usual character I play as is known as LoveGuardian.

I'm quite new to this blogging experience, let alone feeling impelled to also participate in this totally awesome, ubertastic group about FASHION with IBleach and Theena!

I have a feeling that this will be quite the unique experience to take hold and be apart of, as well as give in some sort of way, back to the community.

So, I shall be here, dedicating my time to do what I honestly have no idea how to do, but will have fun doing it anyway, and who knows? Maybe I'll turn out to be quite the fashion critic. I'm sure with IBleach and Theena by my side helping, I'll learn quickly and well be the best fashionistas out there.

Well, I don't have much else to say, I was dragged by IBleach to make a post introducing myself, and its 3:15 am. So I couldn't rehearse a epic introduction, nevertheless, LoveGuardian is in the house, and this party is gonna be rocking.

Much <3, LoveGuardian

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Team is Complete!

Well our team is finally ccomplete! Our little fashion group consists of Theena, LoveGuardian and myself at the moment. We'll be here to provide you with fashion tips as well as keep you informed about the hots and the nots out there. ;D

First off we will introduce ourselves, explaining our personal tastes and of course show off our character(s) favorite outfits and whatever we can all think up. <3

The site atm is still under construction. I plan to discuss the exact look and feel of it with the other two, hoping they will stop being tards and give me their email addies so I can add them as authors. :P

Anywho, that is all for now!



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mega FC is under construction!


I am Bleach, one of this blog's hosts and founders. I used to have a small and rather young personal blog, based and focused on Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine fashion and some other things I wanted to write about.
Where it is not necessarily such a terrible thing, I decided it would be more fun to host this blog instead, with other people and spread out fashion awareness amongst our fellow community members. Megaten fashion is a subject easily forgotten or disregarded, which I, and the others who will help manage this blog, think should change. The items and sets released in this game are really authentic and well designed. Within all the grind for exp, leveling demons, rare item hunting and plasma farming, this tends to go under. BUT NOT FOR LONG! We will try our best to make it another fun aspect of this unique and fun game!

This blog will offer various kinds of information pertaining to released items in our American version of the game as well as point out fashionable players, neat outfits, awesome mix 'n' matches and what all not. We hope to offer a wide variety of fun information to unfold the depths of this game's fashion.

At the moment this blog is under construction. We have yet to decide on a layout as well as are looking for a third member to cover male fashion for our blog.

Anyway, that is it for now. Back to mind mapping and gathering ideas.